Usually associated with a P.I.M.P and chances are is better looking than most people. Also associated with great sex.
You know Albrecht? Yeah, he's a god.
by LHCaz July 15, 2008
Nasty dead thing.
So gross she'll make your hair fall out if you look at her too long. You do not want this as your math teacher, ever... she'll make your life a fucking hell.

She refuses to explain anything yet still expects amazing work...
Plays favorites...
I fucking hate her.
She has disgusting fashion sense.
Her hair looks like a trapezoidal alien ship.
"Who do you have for math?"
"OMG EW!!!" (runs screaming and dies in a puddle of own disgust)
by Luxxx4d June 4, 2009
Evil little man who ran HBO programming to the ground. The moron who was responsible for canceling Carnivale and other wonderful original series on HBO. Will possibly go down in history as the biggest idiot to ever be called "program director". Currently known for his brilliant work of running the movie Wedding Crashers on a permanent loop.
Chris Albrecht doesn't know WHAT he is doing!
by Colossus Rider October 11, 2006
A common viral infection that causes a person to not answer their phone.
“Hey man have you talked to Jared?”
“No, i heard he caught a case of the Albrecht Flu!”
by Tdaddy21 May 11, 2021
A disease that includes these symptoms: uncontrollable flatulence, the inability to properly express yourself with words, clumsiness, redness and peeling of the skin, an itchy butt, a soul patch, and anal leakage. This disease is thus far incurable.
Bobby: Uh-oh, I think I might have Albrecht Syndrom!!
Chris: Hey, cool soul patch.
by KBR September 27, 2006
Chris Albrecht is a brilliant television executive. He is much loved and very missed at the HBO offices.
Chris Albrecht is a good man, not all is true of what is written by the LA Times. He is wrongly accused.
by carlosj January 14, 2008