To ejaculate into a condom and then force a female to consume the whole thing in front of you; a condom filled with semen.
"I made my girlfriend take an Alberti last night! It was bad ass."
by samwoolsey928 January 27, 2009
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A type of species which tends to have sex with women and infect their bodies with his semen. It is a dirty horndog. He will hump and dump women all day. He has an odd fetish though for Asian women. He is also a large carrier of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. So vagina's should watch out.
"Yo did you hear last week Alberti did that asian chick after only knowing her for 5 minutes"
"yeaaa, i haven't heard from her since though, she's been going to the doctor's everyday to get her std's checked out"
by quackersmcgee December 24, 2009
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A bi-pedal organism of the mammalian class. Is able to live alongside humans with little assistance, though will become quickly enraged when communicated with. When the presence of a 'Dante Alberti' is detected, immediate backup must be called, preferably armed with bananas ( required to distract the creature ), and Russian made RPK light machine gun. Upon containment, immediate termination is recommended.
Person 1: Fuck 'Dante Alberti'.
Person 2: Ikr. fuck that guy.
by serialtypist November 14, 2020
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The physiological and affective effects of quickly switching from hanging out with someone who is intensely stimulating in all kinds of fashions for a short amount of time, to normal routine of work and life that is hectic but dull. This drastic change of living state often causes a misalignment of sleep, work schedule, and sometimes muscle fatigue and sleepiness throughout the day. This type of physical and emotional intensity normally left your mind unhinged.
A: "I don't think I can come to the group discussions today."

A:"Because I had met someone this weekend for 24 hours. But we partied for 10 hours, walked together for 4 hours, talked for like 7 to 8 hours, and slept for 5 hours."

B:"Ugh... yikes, Alberty Jet Lag..."
by capybaradream_5 March 4, 2019
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Definition of Alberti, Leon Battista in English:
Alberti, Leon Battista


(1404–72), Italian architect, humanist, painter, and art critic. He wrote On Painting (1435), which was the first account of the theory of perspective in the Renaissance.

Alberti, Leon Battista
/älˈbertē/ /ɑlˈbərdi/
'Hey! I met Alberti, Leon Battista!'

Alberti, Leon Battista (älˈbertē/ɑlˈbərdi)
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022
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