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An-ti-dis-e-stab-blish-ment-air-ria-nism (Antidisestablishmentarianism)

Meaning :
Being opposed to the separation of church and state.

It's a word that nowadays we don't quite use it at all. But in the past it may be a little bit more common.
person 1 : I'm Antidisestablishmentarianismntɪ:dɪseˌstablɪʃm(ə)ˈtƐ:rɪənɪz(ə)m)
person 2 : What???
person 1 : Oh. Sorry I'm being opposed to the separation of church and state.
person 2 : Ohhhh...
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 19, 2022
Meaning of non-churchgoer in English:



A person who does not attend church regularly or at all.
Easter is a time of the year when many non-churchgoers will attend

Non-Churchgoer (Nɒn-tʃɜ (r)tʃˈɡəʊə(r))
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022
Meaning of psychotomimetic in English:



Relating to or denoting drugs which are capable of producing an effect on the mind similar to a psychotic state.


A psychotomimetic drug.

Pronunciation /sʌɪˌkɒtə(ʊ)mɪˈmɛtɪk/
‘In animal models 5 - HT2 antagonists (ketanserin and spiperone) were shown to block the psychotomimetic effects of both LSD and DOM.’
‘LSD was a synthetic drug, based on a naturally produced substance, which is called psychotomimetic drugs, made out of this rust.’
‘There is no clinically tested antidote available to antagonize the psychotomimetic symptomatology induced by PCP.’
‘Therefore, individuals displaying dramatic psychotomimetic effects resulting from phencyclidine ingestion should be treated as a psychiatric emergency.’

‘High potency as an antagonist of 5-HT in isolated smooth muscle preparations was not correlated with high potency as a psychotomimetic.’
‘The hypothesis that psychotomimetics induce a rapid dopamine receptor regulation that could participate in the expression of the brain dopaminergic overactivation and in the early signs of psychotic-like behaviour, was checked by radioligand binding on rat brain cryosections.’

Psychotomimetic (sʌɪˌkɒtə(ʊ)mɪˈmɛtɪk)
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022
Meaning of pulchritudinous in English:




Pronunciation /ˌpʌlkrɪˈtʃu dɪnəs/
‘Dan gazed admiringly at the pulchritudinous brunette’

Pulchritudinous (ˌpʌlkrɪˈtʃu dɪnəs)
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022
Definition of Ojibwa in English:
Ojibwa , Ojibwas , Ojibways , Ojibway (ōˈjibˌwā/oʊˈɪbwɑ )

NOUN plural noun Ojibwa, plural noun Ojibwas, plural noun Ojibways

(also Ojibway)
1A member of a North American people of the region around Lake Superior.
Also called Chippewa

2 The Algonquian language of the Ojibwa.


(also Ojibway)
Relating to the Ojibwa or their language.

From Ojibwa ojibwe, said to mean ‘puckered’, with reference to their moccasins.

/ōˈjibˌwā/ /-wə/ /oʊˈɪbwɑ /
‘The two Ojibwas affectionately nicknamed him ‘Baptiste’ or ‘Bateese’ for reasons never clear to him.’
‘But long, long before the Voyageurs came the forests were home to the Sioux and the Ojibwa.’
‘The Agawa rock paintings are among the best preserved of about 400 groups of pictographs on the Canadian Shield and are attributed to Algonquins such as the Ojibwa.’
‘Such an equivocating philosophy might not pass muster with the Ojibwa.’
‘It was characteristic of Bill to remember my key point in a paper I gave there on my fieldwork among the Ojibwa.’
‘The French generally enjoyed good relations with nations such as the Ojibwa and the Potawatomi so long as trade goods were readily available and reasonably priced.’
‘These traits relate them to the southern Ojibwa or Chippewa.’
‘Among the Ojibwa, however, there is some evidence that children sometimes modeled animals in clay.’
‘The children also study the lives of the Ojibwa, the native people who not only thrived in this difficult land but preserved it for future generations.’
‘We found haplogroup X when we were studying the Ojibwa of the Great Lakes.’

Ojibwa , Ojibwas , Ojibways , Ojibway (ōˈjibˌwā/oʊˈɪbwɑ )
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022
Meaning of radioimmunoelectrophoresis in English:



Medicine Biology

Immunoelectrophoresis carried out using radiolabelled antigen or antibody, typically followed by autoradiography.

1960s. From radio- + immunoelectrophoresis.
How to use Radioimmunoelectrophoresis (ˌreɪdɪəʊˌɪmjʊnəʊɪˌlɛktrə(ʊ)fəˈri sɪs) in a sentence is still unknown.

Radioimmunoelectrophoresis (ˌreɪdɪəʊˌɪmjʊnəʊɪˌlɛktrə(ʊ)fəˈri sɪs)
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022
Definition of adjective in English:




A word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.

Late Middle English from Old French adjectif, -ive, from Latin adject- ‘added’, from the verb adicere, from ad- ‘towards’ + jacere ‘throw’. The term was originally used in the phrase noun adjective, translating Latin nomen adjectivum, a translation of Greek onoma epitheton ‘attributive name’.

/ˈajəktiv/ /ˈædʒəktɪv/
‘Use verbs, nouns and adjectives and get a copy of Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases.’
‘In Swinburne's work as a whole many adjectives are used as nouns and many nouns as adjectives.’
‘Firstly I think one of the big problems is the use of descriptive adjectives as nouns.’
‘Reading becomes an exercise in spotting nouns and adjectives; there is nothing to engage or delight.’

Adjective (ˈædʒəktɪv)
by ANCIENT_WOLFY January 20, 2022