A young teenager, who already made it to the world stage with her campaigns to support climate protection.
While many, including probably somewhere above this post, misinterpret what she is doing which is do what she believe she can do to protect the climate and do this by raising awareness which sadly is way too low.
Many think it should be her job to come up with solutions, but people saying this have not come up with solutions either.
The actual problem she is trying to address along with her Fridays For Future campaign in which internationally a lot of young kids/teenagers take part, is that political awareness for the severity of the issue has been missing, which is a fact at this point more than ever.
The Florida Man walking around in a white house in the United States is leading one of the teams who do not believe in the man made climate change or that something needs to be done. His (administration) policies have not been helping climate change and it is one of many factors why people are taking the issue to the street.
And yet despite the severity of climate change the girl only trying to raise attention on an issue that deserves all and every attention is recieving (way too much) hateful comments and disrespectful messages, most just full of bullshit.
Greta Thunberg is a person who is trying her best to do what she can for climate change and a lot of people are not smart enough to see this.
by JSGOTW November 29, 2019
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“Last night, I gave some environmentalist chick the Greta Thunberg”
by Soggy Biscuit September 02, 2021
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The real life counterpart of Katniss Everdeen. Politicians hate her and the opinions of the media patronizes her, but she is courageous, quick-witted and won't let some orange-headed doofus stop her from what she has to say about climate change.

Contrary to the cynics, no she did not get paid to say anything, no she isn't doing this for fame. Just ask yourself, did Katniss willingly sacrifice herself just for other people's entertainment??? Like Katniss, Greta is a wonderful role model for the young girls of this generation.
"Why is Greta Thunberg always being criticized for speaking up about climate change?"
"You know what they say, haters gonna hate. Always be chuggin' that haterade."
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Somebody who, in the face of opposition, symbolizes a glowing positive force in this cruel mocking world. Somebody who speaks the truth and does not ever second guess themselves, despite being attacked and humiliated for speaking the truth. Somebody whose only source of truth is derived from the scientific method and not from existing policies. Somebody who doesn't let their age, gender, disability or any other stereotype get in the way of spreading positive wholesome change. To be like Greta Thunberg takes great courage, as they aren't just going against the current of a river but the current of the entire ocean. Being like Greta Thunberg also means acting completely within one's own agency.

Unfortunately in this rather cynical day and age, people often misconstrue another person's words and intentions. It is not a coincidence that most of these people are adults and older folks. Psychologically speaking, as the more older one becomes, the less tolerant they are to adopt new ideas, attitudes, and changes.

So, at heart, Greta Thunberg's war is mostly with the older generation who lack the mental flexibility to change their outdated mindsets. There is more hope to be seen here with Thunberg's generation, at least with regards to the awareness and radical action towards environmental sustainability (mind you, this is for the sake of humanity, not politics!). Once the older generation has gone the way of the dodo, Greta Thunberg will become even more relevant than ever.
My young daughter is like Greta Thunberg, she is always dismayed that nothing significant is being done to combat the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.
by UltimateDoge April 29, 2021
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