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The act of inserting the beak of any live aviary species into any desired orifice (usually vaginal, urethral or anal) causing the bird to panic and squawk. Stretching the orifice
Person 1: Have you tried Albatrossing? It's all the rage with the younger generation.
Person 2: I have indeed, I was told a Wood Pigeon is a great way to get started.
by ColonelSmegPot July 12, 2015
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Verb - To albatross someone.

An act of albatrossing involves isolating a friend within a fairly close network and harassing him or her through relentless and hilarious cyber-terrorism, using images of an albatross as the visual medium.

Phase 1: Post 20-25 images of albatrosses on their facebook wall.

Phase 2: Send a group text to your friends encouraging them to send a series of text messages to the target saying 'albatross' and nothing else. At no point reveal to the victim why you are doing this.

Phase 3: Send out a facebook message to all your mutual friends, requesting that they bombard the victim with albatross related humour. This can take any form ranging from, texts, voicemails, phone calls, facebook posts (including fun facts about albatrosses), changing one's profile picture to an albatross..or even entering their home and covertly hiding photos of albatrosses around their room.

Phase 4: Sit back and enjoy the ride, as a movement it will take on a mind of its own.

"The days of riding the walrus are's time to ride the albatross"
Ed - "the albatrossing has been relentless, today I opened my laptop to find a magazine cut-out of an albatross. How has the entire world been galvanised against me"
by sizzlat1 November 13, 2010
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1. Going through the motions of a particular activity without consciously thinking about what you are doing.

2.Shutting off unnecessary parts of your brain while performing a repetitive task.
I've been albatrossing at my job for over three years because it is repetitive and does not provide any type of intellectual stimulation.
by Turdus_migratorius March 05, 2013
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The latest craze, evolved from 'seagulling'. This evolution involves a more advanced, long range technique with the aid of a catapult, ball bearing and a used condom.

Victims are left not only physically hurt but also have the trauma of someone elses semen embedded in the wound left by the velocity of the ball bearing.
I woke up on Sunday very bored, so I went albatrossing.
by lukemedway June 07, 2007
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