"kus" means "pussy" in Arabic (slang)
ME: ya kus!(in Arabic)= ME: you pussy!
by who cares! April 25, 2003
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'Kus' in dutch means the same as the english word 'Kiss'. However looking at the arabic meaning of this same word, when an arabic woman asks you to 'kus' her, you'd better realize what you're getting yourself getting into!
*kus* *kus*
by Stefan Mensink November 14, 2003
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(keep us sweet)
to keep something or someone sweet and not let it go sour if unattended.
their kus request went unnoticed in the noise
by Krkič March 12, 2020
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A slang term for cannabis indica, Also known as kush. Thought to be the best strain of marijuana. Ku-ku or Ku or even ku ru is what we like to call it for short in California even though Kush is already short enough.
hey man that Ku Ku was bombay.

Put sum of my purple ku ku in that blunt bro.
by Jeremy Hasenbuhler March 27, 2007
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