Alban is someone who is so great and IS the best looking person on earth, such a manly physique just turns me on, so gorgeous and handsome he leaves me in awe
OMG it’s Alban, I wish I could be him
by Aaajja March 18, 2019
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Hes a sexy pengting who antone would fuck. I would love him to shove his dick through my right ear out of my left ear then into my right nostril out through my left nostril in my mouth and down my throat. Shag me dad
by Mypussyisdestroyed123 June 16, 2018
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some Albanian goomba that lives at 19E blecke ave. His hair looks like something run over by a fucken lawnmower. He drives a Dodge shadow and is a real metalhead. He's a real pimp over at UIC, skeet skeet nigga!!
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Probably the hottest person you’ll even meet in your life 🤔 once you see him you can’t look away 😍 something like Medusa. Will make a straight man run gay.. usually a sexy Albanian of Albanian descent. He probably even lives in queens.. known to be part of a group called “Al Quesdadilla” you might be able to find him on Instagram @alban_koka
Did you see that guy he’s such a alban !

That man is so hot aka alban

Did you hear adni is dating alban?
by Al quesadilla November 20, 2018
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