A nice lover with dark hair and dark eyes that gives great sex, kind and sweet. Does everything to make his love and friends happy. Very open and deep minded and is intellectual much further than his age.
brittany: "aysha look his name is "aland" go and get him"
aysha: "you sure that his name is not just aland?"
brittany:"yes, im sure hes got the "D" too"
by goatkeeper January 2, 2017
In Australia, "aland" is the person at the party who can roll the best
Ay where's Aland around here, we need him to sesh.
by drfrankie October 5, 2020
Aland He’s from b8 alum rock he’s some next sexy gizza which get all the girls in school he’s bare cleaver at his subjects as he is in set 2 for most of he’s subject fuk with him and you will get bun
by John McFlurry December 12, 2018
Aland is a sexy person and is amazing at football! He is usually quite tall and really funny. However, if you try and mess with him he will fuck you up.
Wow, I wish I was Aland!
by Adam is peng November 7, 2018
The manliest dude you’ll ever meet. If he turns around and slaps you with his giant manly dick you should be grateful.
by _eggboi_ September 8, 2018
Aland is a famous




He is a very nice person
Aland is amazing
by Aland_YT September 24, 2021