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Alanah's are fit and funny. Sometimes rude to people she doesn't care about, she is very blunt in speech. She is sexy and original,cute and quirky, if you meet a girl called alanah make friends as quick as you can! She will always be loyal and trustworthy. Intelligence is key, boys think she is cool, but strong minded. She charms easily, sometimes a bit crazy and weird but guaranteed to make you smile.
Girl: She is rockin that style.....

Must be an Alanah

Girl: I love hanging around with that girl she's a total alanah
by USArocks December 23, 2013
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Alanah's are usually shy at first, they tend to think negatively of themselves and let rude comments get to them easily. but once you get to know them you'll see that they are kind and also can get very crazy, they're always up for a good laugh and some fun. They usually are very forgiving if you apologise to them in a friendly manner and not in a blunt or rude way. They aren't one to go for looks either, they're all about happiness and personality.
Alanah's are keepers :)
by Anastasia1234 March 20, 2018
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She is a very indepented smart girl who is funny and a bit crazy. She can be rude to people who get on the wrong side of her. She is 100% commited to anything she puts her mind to. If you see a alanah become friends with her quick.
Oh bro look she is funny as must be an alanah
by Princessebabey May 30, 2018
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is very AWESOME girl, very pretty.
sometimes rude but only to people she doesnt
care about. VERY nice to people she loves.
all around a DOPE person :)
pss: very funny :)
also good in bed but is not EASY AT ALL and only
very few people would know this about her.
please do not read the very bottom defintion its not true.
THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME...dont you mean...
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Someone who is related to llamas. Someone who is talented in there own way, and is rather quirky. They are very pretty if not on the outside on the in. She is smart however not nerdy. She is very loud and energetic around friends however to strangers she is extremely shy.
Look at that girl dancing with her friends she must be an Alanah.
by Pigs and donkeys. June 08, 2018
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Alanah is a one of a kind girl who is a little bit weird but is very loyal to the ones she loves. She can be a little bit blunt and mean to those who get on her bad side but she is very forgiving. When she is in a relationship she has eyes for her man only and is down for him 100%, If you find a girl name Alanah you need to friend her quickly
Person #1 : That girl has been with the same guy for years and she still looks happy

Person #2 : I know right, I heard she’s very loyal to him. I bet her name is Alanah
by Verotdko19235 March 27, 2018
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