The CNN of the Midde East
Al Jazeera is the largest and most controversial Arabic News Channel in the Middle East, offering news coverage 24 hours a day from around the world and focusing on the hottest regions of conflict.

The station gained worldwide attention following the September 11, 2001 attacks, when it broadcast video statements by Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders.
by -Dennis- September 9, 2006
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Official media partner of two world famous organization -Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.
by pro00000 April 27, 2022
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The Arab news network based in Qatar that a lot of ignorant, psuedo-patriot idiots (usually Republicans) hate because it happens to report the truth, unlike the corporate-owned CIA fronts such as CNN and Fox. Sometimes they go so far as to call Al Jaeera a propaganda "mouthpiece" for terrorists because they show the ugly reality of war or decide to air a bin Laden tape (not newsworthy to these people, but Bush worship-fests or mindless Hollywood gossip probably is).
If idiots want Al Jazeera to stop inflaming Arab opinion by showing U.S. crimes in the Middle East, then they should stop supporting the politicians who start unprovoked wars of aggression in first place.
by smashfascism February 10, 2006
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The CNN of the middle east. Hated by right wing nuts and islamophobic freaks because it tells the truth and exposes their lies to the Muslim world. Unlike fox news, Al Jazeera does not yewll at its guests to shut up. There is a reason the American government tried to bomb its head quarters in Qatar. This is an Arab media, of course they have tapes of bin laden, you think he mails his tapes to the white house through fedex or emails them to bush? Where else is he going to send them first, China?
Al Jazeera: Mr islamophobe/right wing american nut, you claim that our network is supportive of al qaeda.

Islamophobic/rightwing nut: Yes, why do you think they never have any guests from the states here? Because we expose their lies

Muslim world roles their eyes.

Al Jazeera: um, uh you did read in your invitation you were the 80th guest from the states we had since we were launched in 1996 right?

Islamophobe/right wing nut: Hell No, reading is for terrorists, abd squares.

Al Jazeera: Ok middle east, i think you just seen why Americans are getting raped in iraq.
by abemab April 10, 2008
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Al Jazeera are fans of al-queda and oftenh happen to 'stumble' across there tapes.
al jazeera were the first to 'find out' 'bout 9-11
by rastaman219 July 5, 2006
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Al Jazeera is an Arabic TV station providing the only unbiased coverage of the "war on terror", Israeli massacres in Palestine/Lebanon and other US intervention in the Middle East.
Israeli: Damn Al Jazeera for showing the world what evil bastards we are.
American: Damn Al Jazeera for showing how the world that everything we do in the Middle East is a complete fuck up.
by Koba November 12, 2006
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An antisemitic term meaning Jewish deception.
Damn, they actually believe in the idea of Al-Jazeera.
by infiynite July 23, 2022
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