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Strong girl with good intentions but isn't afraid to get dirty. Someone who doesn't take disrespect from anybody, someone who with a slick mouth and has no filter about what they say.
"Ajai has a very slick mouth."
by badgirl12 December 17, 2014
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A name, commonly used for males; Typicaly strong and free and commonly assosiated with the term chick magnet.
1. "That Ajai sure knows how to pick up the ladies."
" Well yeah, he's Ajai"
by 8dgfar June 19, 2008
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1. A metaphor used for usually really talented people, most commonly used for people who are artists, athletes

actors, movie directors, chefs, architects and many many more!

2. An extremely smart ancient warrior who's killed more than 1500 people in a war from two countries which have sank a few decades ago from 2783 b.c . and

has survived through many hardships, amnesia, and finally died at age 59 from cancer.
1. Woah! Gordon Ramsey your such an ajai.

2. Ajai was a really famous warrior who's been through a lot of bullcrap in his life.
by Darthaun The Brute! May 19, 2018
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