to guide and take control of sex
"Maaaaan, she came three times before I even got off once! She really knew how to run the fuck." -guy in reference to a Tinder date

"in order to have a healthy sexual relationship with yourself, so that you're coming to your sexual partner as an active participant in your sexual experience, to say what you want--" -Gweneth Paltrow in The Goop Lab (Netflix, "The Pleasure is Ours")


"We use to say that a woman had to learn how to run the fuck." -Betty Dodson, 90 year old sex educator

"Sometimes I don't even want to orgasm. I just want him to run the fuck, cum on my stomach, and then wipe me off so we can go to sleep." -girlfriend after a long day at work
by vinsocal January 27, 2020
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When there's a girl, preferably with a smokin hot body, on the beach and she bends over with her fine ass just up in the air and someone runs up and just slam dunks their knob right into her cooter. Typically, you'd have to run fuck a willing girl, because if you don't then it's run fucking - rape edition. Can make for a very hot beach fucking, or a very awkward moment. You'll have to use your best judgement. Past tense would be ran fucked.
Eye fucker 1: holy shit! Look at that chicks ass up in the air! What, is she trying to get run fucked or something?
Eye fucker 2: it sure as hell seems like it! I think I'm gonna go for it.
Eye fucker 1: be careful man, we don't need to see any run fucking - rape edition.
Eye fucker 2: oh no worries man. She's waving that shit around just begging for it... Time for the slam dunk playa!
by J-A son! April 18, 2009
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Two decibels louder/harder than a poes klap #poesklap . A slap administered by running at the recipient to maximise the effect of an open handed slap to the face.
by Quin_KX May 18, 2019
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A running fuck at a rolling doughnut is an action doomed to failure.
"He can go and take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut for all I care."
by hughster February 7, 2018
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