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Aiyanna is a beautiful and sexy girl who is very loyal and caring. Many guys are attracted to her but is hooked on one guy. She is flexible good in the bedroom and an amazing kisser she loves to makout with her spouse. Overall aiyanna makes a great friend and an even better girlfriend
Damn, that's my girl aiyanna! She's the best girlfriend a guy could ask for, I got lucky
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by Jared Coleman August 24, 2017
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Native American for "Forever Flowering", "Always Blooming"... a beautiful exotic name for an even more beautiful girl. A girl who is smart, sweet, beautiful, stubborn, athletic, and a true friend. Always has a smile on her face and will be a best friend to anyone she meets. Charming, witty, and compassionate... she loves animals, playing video games, scary movies, sports, and dancing... An Awesomeness of full potential and dreams....
I wish every girl could be an Aiyanna... girls like that are a guys dream....
by An Angel loves you February 03, 2010
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Freaking the best person ever... beautiful Af ... have the most amazing singing voice ... Native American... strong girl and if she's mad she will literally turn into the devil herself..... my twin sister and no one can take her ... all boys wanting her ... like alllll boys ... cuz like who wouldn't she's speaking babeeeee
Who do you like ... aiyanna... how about you ... aiyanna... what about you Freddie ... aiyanna... and you Carl .... aiyanna
by It'smeeeeeeeeeyay231 November 22, 2017
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