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she is fiesty and fun and knows her boundries so don't push her. she is quiet and intimdating at first but once you get to know her she is loud and spunky. she is very blunt and not afraid to tell it like it is.

she has a great sense of style and is drop dead goregous. shes a typical girl and maybe scared to get dirty but loves to dance and do her nails but she is tough and doesn't give up easy.

dissapointment is not an option for her, so if your in her life your in it to stay. never doubt that she'll be there when you have hard times because you'll never go through those alone. she can be random at times but those specific times will be the ones you cherish most. badass? of course! if your ever the lucky bastard to catch an aitana, you better open your eyes to whats in front of you.
Your girlfriends name is Aitana? Damn, she sounds special.
by Jacanory July 16, 2010
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She is strong and independent and can do it all her own way.

She knows boundaries so don't try to play games.

She's quite the tomboy but doesn't mind some beauty time to herself.

She might be careless but she does have feelings so don't go ahead and bend them.
She cherishes everything so if you come into her life you've got yourself a first class seat.
She's Beautiful and passionate but theres much more inside than just what you think of her,
So next time you talk behind her back. Watch out, because this girl is a BAD ASS.
You know an Aitana? I wish I did.

Did you see Aitana today? she looked Amazing!
by *Peter Pan* July 30, 2016
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A very pretty girl who most people have a crush on. Roice has a huge crush on her. She is loyal and has the cleanest mind of all. Her talents are usually gymnastics,ballet and piano. Please publish this I'm desperate.
a man said,"oh wow Aitana looks so good!"
"Yeah mate," said brother.
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by Ilikemybestfriends March 27, 2019
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