A girl who acts shy and very respectful in front of adults but crazy with her friends. She defends anything she loves. She is very protective of her friends, and sometimes is very mature, but will be silly instantly in certain moments.
She isn't one to follow the crowd, she likes holding her own and being herself.
Aislin loves music, like seriously is in love with music, and she gets excited over little things its adorable.
She doesn't like it much when her name is pronounced wrong, but doesn't speak up most of the time to tell hem wrong. She sometimes goes by the nickname Ace or Aise. Aislin is usually really gorgeous but doesn't think that about herself, she loves to be an all around nice person and is totally cute a plus is she usually has a big booty. If you ever meet an Aislin keep her and never let go, and if you get the honor to date one you better hold on to her because she will treat you better then ur own mom would.
Mark: "Hey did you meet that new girl Aislin?"

Stephanie: "Yeah she's totally cool I really want to be friends with her"

Jack: "I know right! she's so easy to talk to, I really think she's a great person."

Aislin is like a unicorn, if you find one you better be damn sure you keep her because somebody else will want her a lot more.
by YourDadRespectME January 02, 2018
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The most generous, sweet, kind, loving and warm girl you will ever meet. She is such a sweetheart and might have difficulty showing her emotions at first, but if you get to know her and let her get to know you she will be the most loving woman ever. Her heart is just so pure, her personality is so amazing, her mind is beyond beautiful. Aislin is so understanding, she is never judgemental and will love you for you. Sure her looks are so beyond amazing but her mind, her words and just the way she thinks, how open minded and accepting she is, is just so beautiful. If you get the opportunity to love an Aislin, do it, because she will multiply your love by 1000. She will only want whats best for you, she is a genuine person, her heart is always in the right place and although she may make mistakes, forgive her because she is the type of person to feel bad for the slightest mistakes she makes and know that her intentions are always pure. She will never intend to hurt you, she is overall an amazing person. p.s- she's cute too
by ChristopherJJ May 20, 2018
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sophisticated, funny, always smiles and beautiful. Her heart is so pure.
Woah! Aislin is so beautiful!
by ChristopherJJ May 20, 2018
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Aislin's tend to be a girl. They are really gorgeous and athletic. They are very smart and good looking. If you ever see an Aislin you should keep her forever and never let go.
She's perfect must an Aislin.
by Pr0z elite February 14, 2017
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To stand up for your mates at all costs, cos they're your life.
When she heard that her mate was being dogged, she got all Aislin about it.
by Spankano April 07, 2009
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Aislin is great. She is one of the best people you could know. She’s beautiful, athletic, loves soccer and is successful when she tries. She has many friends. I mean A LOT and she’s extremely popular. Everyone either wants to be her OR wants to be her friend. When you meet an Aislin hold on to her forever because she’s incredible.....when you get to know her!!

Boy/Caleb: “holy crap have you seen Aislin she is BEAUTIFUL!”

Another boy/Jake: “yeah, I know and she’s mine!”

Boy/Caleb: “WHAT?!?”

Another boy/Jake: “mhm she’s my girl,”
Aislin is so cool and popular!!
by Dimples.227 March 20, 2019
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