When an individual (typically a female) is in a foreign location and chooses to act in a manner which disregards all surrounding people. Keeping in mind that they will not see any people around them ever again.
Roberto: William did shots off of that girls boobs yesterday!
Cameron: I can’t believe he would do that
Roberto: It doesn’t really matter though, he is such a “unidentifiable”.
by CosmiK32 March 04, 2020
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a U.V. an unidentified varmint as according to Duck Dynasty. This could refer to any type of small-ish critter in the roof of the duck call making room, but Jase claims a U.V. is a squirrel.
Jase: it's a U.V. - an unidentified varmint! Let's get something to scare it out of the roof! maybe it's something I can eat for lunch!
by Michelle L. Rigby October 17, 2012
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Not being able to be identified by one or more persons.
If Max committs a crime the police and witnesses cannot describe the purpitrator due to his appearance being unidentifiable.
by TylerDurden6390 February 15, 2018
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an article of food that has been left in the refrigerator, freezer, or car so long that it is no longer identifiable as edible;also known as UFO or vintage food.
When I was cleaning out the fridge I found two cans of orange soda, some old turkey meat, and an unidentifiable food object from last Thanksgiving.
by erieee December 11, 2009
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as the name says a injury you wake up with from the nigh before (only if you dont remeber doin it)
person 1 ''omg your scratched all over!''
person 2 '' haha they must be unidentified drinking injury's from last night;;
by lewis page May 26, 2008
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Can be defined as someone so large they make the ground rumble with every footstep; there so gross they make you wanna piss on them.
Is that an earthquake? No it’s just another Unidentified Fat Object walking down the stairs. Ohhh right
by Lalalalalalallalalallalala August 30, 2009
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When you're driving on the expressway and all of a sudden you come to a screetching halt because of traffic congestion that appears to come out of nowhere (no accident, no bottlenecking, no construction). So you then cruise at about 5 mph for a short while wondering what the hell the deal is. Then all of a sudden, the road clears up and you find yourself cruising back again at a normal speed.
I was drivin' on the Parkway goin' 75 mph then found myself slammin' on the brakes because of some friggin' unidentified traffic jam. A minute later the roadway cleared as if nothing happened.
by Bx Boy April 06, 2006
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