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When two persons lie on top of eachother in x-shape and its too hot, so the person on top takes the blanket and does a flying motion.
You are in bed sweating, and the lighter one cools you both off with a swift airplaning.
by Vjv July 23, 2014
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When a crowd lines up to pacify a hysterical or obnoxious person.
V: So I was enjoying a peaceful, laid back, sunny moment at the coffee shop when the horrid woman next to me bursts into this really annoying laugh.

Me: What did it sound like?

V: Woody woodpecker on crack.

Me: Jeez. What did you do?

V: I gathered the other patrons and gave her a good airplaning!

Me: Nice.
by BlancoGrande April 11, 2010
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1: Buying "airplane size" mini-bottles of booze and sneaking them into the club so you don't have to pay expensive prices.

2: "Airplanes" refer to the bottles themselves
1: "Nah, we don't need to stop by the cash machine. We're airplaning tonight."

2: "Let me check out one of those airplanes man. Noiiice."
by P Did October 24, 2007
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When blunt is reduced to roach and is still ablaze, sucking in the entire roach so that the entire burns instantly and hits hard
Dude my bro freaked out when he saw me air planing that roach last night
by Ducann Mandic November 06, 2010
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describes a social event in which four individuals, typically under the influence of ecstasy, gather around another individual, also under the influence of ecstasy, each grasping one of the aforementioned individuals' limbs and jostling said limb in an irregular motion.
"I am so ready for some airplaning now that I have ingested a sufficient amount of ecstasy."
by wee wee p July 03, 2013
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