The act of playing the drums without actually having a drum set or sticks.
by PineappleDouche February 8, 2008
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Proving to others that you are an attention whore and failed musician.
No-one has mastered the fine art of air drumming like Lex. He does two shows a night at Nick's.
by Bobby Dee February 9, 2008
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Similar to air guitar, air drumming is when one pretends to play the drums as if they are holding sticks and have a drum kit in front of them when in fact, they do not.
Look at Jim... he's totally air drumming to his iPod.
by ska-douche January 2, 2010
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The act of masturbating whilst sitting in a parking lot
Campus Police officer: Sir, what are you doing here with your penis out?

John: hey officer, just playing the air drums .
by Genitalien October 18, 2020
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An impulsion to play air drums whenever one hears a beat.
"Stop air drumming in public! It's embarrassing!"
"I can't help it, I have C.A.D.S. (Compulsive Air Drumming Syndrome)"
by modernadventurer January 29, 2015
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