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A suburb right next to Mendota Heights, MN, not really much of a city per say, but it's in between Mendota Heights and Old Mendota and it has a Holiday station and an Italian restaurant, so it's all good.
Person 1: Where do you live again?
Person 2: Lilydale.
Person 2: Wha... ?
by ska-douche November 2, 2009
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Similar to air guitar, air drumming is when one pretends to play the drums as if they are holding sticks and have a drum kit in front of them when in fact, they do not.
Look at Jim... he's totally air drumming to his iPod.
by ska-douche January 2, 2010
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Short for "I are" which is slang for "I am."
"There's no tellin' what I'm go'n do/ Baby I're about to show you/ What you been missin' in your li-i-i-ife when I get inside"

-Jamie Foxx, Blame It
by ska-douche April 19, 2010
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The opposite of saying "Way to go," it basically means, "Wow, you failed."
Dude A: Oh dang! I almost beat the 150cc Special Cup, but then some noob CPU blue shelled me in the face right before the finish line!
Dude B: Way to blow.
by ska-douche November 2, 2009
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