Used as a pose of extended 'ahaha's'
Daniel: "Cindy, did you hear? Brazil lost 7-1 in the World Cup '14"
Cindy: "Ahahers!! Nooo way!"
by starpower123 July 09, 2014
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Person 1: My best friend got hit by a truck and is now on life support :'(

Person 2: ahah
by CA3B20A3G August 16, 2007
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Julia: Hey, I bought the new sketchers last week.
by kloutty July 24, 2018
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The lyric from that songimagine”.
“Can you imagine?”
*insert high note here (aHaH)*
by Driedupmascaratube January 11, 2019
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"ahah" or "ahaha" and other deviations is the inverse of "haha" and has currently no univeraally agreed upon definition.

Until consensus, it can, for example, be meant as:
(1) sarcastic or fake laughter.
(2) embarrassed laughter.

Or just be a typo.
(1) "ahah you're so funny!" or "yeah ahaha totally..."
(2) "I don't actually know how to cook ahah."
by ThatGuyFromNL March 20, 2021
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