A man known as a young sneaker head. Likes to rip bongs while Asian squatting. Known as a hero to most.
“Im going to squat to smoke this billy”. “Man don’t be such an agus!”
by Flubba May 14, 2018
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Max is kind of bad at minecraft agus.
by Lefu June 18, 2021
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For those of us who like to dwell in the 17th century, a nice theatrical way to describe your condition when you have the flu
As in "my body is racked by the ague"
by mess of potage July 10, 2011
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An annoying kid from new england with more friends than she deserves, likes to Tumblr.
Person 1: Agu hid in my ask box last night.
Person 2: You too?!
by beingmatureisforweirdos January 7, 2012
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a gang click were da coolest people from tulcingo city..mainly from New York and Houston.

all G united

agu...were tulcingo ppl at..?!
by AgU ppl March 18, 2008
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Slang for 'alcohol'
"Have you brought the agues?"
by Caynus June 10, 2005
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A 16 yrs old kid that lives in So cal. Also known for being really dumb at times (or at all times). Tends to laugh at dumb things and/or do dumb things.
Ur as dumb as Agu.
by Jonthan May 18, 2004
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