A person who is sensible enough to admit that they have no fucking clue what is going on in the universe.

Contrary to both a Theist (someone who sits in Church thinking they have shit figured out) and an Atheist (someone who sits at Starbucks thinking they have shit figured out).
Theist: "God exists." *prays*
Atheist: "God does not exist." *sips grande cappuccino*
Agnostic: "We can't know." *continues living*
by Cadaei June 16, 2011
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Someone who finds his life meaningful enough to pursue; without admitting or dismissing a God, and tolerant enough to respect either ways as a possible answer.
Believer: The great unicorn is omnipotent
Atheist: There is no a great unicorn.
Agnostic: naah, it doesn't matter.
by T-jex March 4, 2012
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A person who believes that it can't be proven whether or not a deity exists. Really the best way to live since you don't have to deal with the arrogance that is both ends of the spectrum.
Christian (to Agnostic): Hey, do you believe in God?

Agnostic: Not exactly, since there is no actual proof that God really does exist.

Christian: You should believe in God, otherwise you will go to hell where you will burn forever.

Atheist (to Christian): Of course he's not going to hell, because hell doesn't exist just like God doesn't exist.

Christian: Of course God exists, you stupid Atheist! You'll burn in hell for saying he doesn't exist!

Atheist: No, he doesn't exist. Open your eyes, you ignorant brainwashed Christian sheep.

Christian: Shut up you liberal dumbass Atheist faggot!

Agnostic: I really wish I wasn't on this planet right now.
by dumbperson132 September 20, 2013
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Someone who claims to have no knowledge of whether or not a god exists.
"That agnostic said that he wasn't sure that the Judeo-Islamic-Christian god exists.
by 198d January 19, 2011
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1. A person who cannot prove, nor disprove, the esistance of a god. Often, an agnostic is more open-minded to the beliefs of others while not discrediting them for their beliefs.

Usually does not consider themself an atheist, due to the fact that atheists actually believe in something-- i.e., there is no god.

2. One who does not participate in religion.
by ObiGabe August 16, 2006
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Somone who, when it comes to religion, doesn't give a damn either way.
Person1: Praise *name god here* !
Person2: There is no such thing as "god".
Person1&2: What do you think?
Person3: If there's a God, awesome. If there isn't, a lot of people are going to be pissed. I really don't care either way. I'm agnostic.
by *thumbsup* February 6, 2010
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Refering to a person who believes you cannot prove nor disprove an ultimate reality, specificaly in deity's

Also sometimes refered to as "weak atheists" although that is incorrect.
The term 'agnosticism' was coined by Professor T.H. Huxley at a meeting of the Metaphysical Society in 1876. He defined an agnostic as someone who disclaimed both ("strong") atheism and theism, and who believed that the question of whether a higher power existed was unsolved and insoluble. Another way of putting it is that an agnostic is someone who believes that we do not know for sure whether God exists. Some agnostics believe that we can never know.

"Weak atheism" is simple scepticism; disbelief in the existence of God.
by Jen February 1, 2004
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