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β€œDo you know how to spell aglet?

β€œYeah, β€˜A-G-L-E-T, DONT FORGET IT!’”

β€œWoah how did you learn that?”
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by Duckduckgoose November 16, 2018
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The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Their true purpose is sinister.
Beware of the aglets
by nickreaper January 08, 2012
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Quite possibly the greatest invention of all time, aglets are those plastic thingies on the end of shoelaces. Without them we would not only be unable to put the laces into the shoe holes, but the laces would become unraveled and abosrb dirt and other unwanted materials.
I've worn my shoes for such a long time that the aglets came off, I think I need new shoes.
by thal November 06, 2005
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aglets are the plastic things that apear at the end of your shoelaces.
Bob- yo dude, those are wicked plastic thingys at the end of your shoe laces!
Bill- Dude, they are called Aglets
by Chloe the Great December 27, 2005
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Aglet (n.) 1: The plastice coverings on the ends of shoelaces.

2: A severe exclamation of profanity.
My aglet hurts.

Ow, my aglet broke off!

Don't touch my aglet. Stop.

Ah, aglet! I stepped in some scooter poop!

My aglet! What did you do to my aglet!
by Aaron July 07, 2003
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aglet can also be used as a slang term to decribe a funky bitch

A girl that gives head to randon males they dont know, also know as a dummy bitch

A girl that smells like fish and rotten eggsbasically she stinks
person 1: yo look at that funky bitch walking down the street

person 2: ya yo she's a total aglet

The girl that most guys wouldn't fuck for anything,but would let her suck his dick.
by melanie tomas May 17, 2009
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