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Usually a french girl, she's a nerd at school but the life of the party and a total wildheart. She is pretty in her childhood but stunningly beautiful when she's grown up. They're slow to start but when she grows she has an amazing rack, she's also a complete goddess in bed. Totally someone worth waiting for.
Dude, you should invite her to the party, she's a total Agathe
by Schweep26967 April 17, 2014
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Agathe is a very beautiful girl, she's usually a model and is always the funniest person in the assembly. She's also a party-trooper, going in disco-discothèque with other models every time. Usually her nickname is Siobhan but you can also call her Bridget. She's always surrounded by celebrities such as Hugo from Peugeot and Laurent Voulzy.
You're always partying, you are such an agathe!
by MrPestacle February 10, 2012
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An Agathé is a person, often with a French background, usually with a very good sense of fashion, and can be found in searching through the racks of expensive clothes stores.

Very pretty and mature. Good sense of humour,

and tends to attract all the boys, and often emos... for no apparent reason.

Overall great kid.
hey, look at her, shes sooo french!" "oh, her, she's obviously an Agathé
by Caitlinirwin. June 29, 2011
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agathe is the typical girl who can date every single boy of her school.But she doesn't want this she only wants mark anastasio.So now they are dating and they are a good couple!
agathe is cool
by nameslol123 August 01, 2020
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