A youngling who looks as if they could kill but is actually very lonely inside
Wow, you're so agath... Come here, lemme hug you.
by morganasarts November 9, 2020
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agathe is a very chatting girl who always want to be perfect to everyone’s eyes. She’s very funny and bossy. Loyal to her friends she can start a fight to defend her best friend. Can seem mean but have actually a big heart full of kindness. She hates injustice and could be the best lawyer ever. She’s a sensitive girl who needs to talk when she have a problem and consider you lucky if an Agathe does this to you ;)

She would hate having an argue with you and she could or destroy you with a single world or told you your fourth truths in face without you having a second to reply.

Agathe is a very comfortable person with everybody, at the second that you met her she will be friendly with you but don’t trust the appearance because her only friends are true friends that she knows since years and years.
i love agathe
by noaqueen December 7, 2021
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Agathe is a very beautiful girl, she's usually a model and is always the funniest person in the assembly. She's also a party-trooper, going in disco-discothèque with other models every time. Usually her nickname is Siobhan but you can also call her Bridget. She's always surrounded by celebrities such as Hugo from Peugeot and Laurent Voulzy.
You're always partying, you are such an agathe!
by MrPestacle February 10, 2012
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She will kill everyone and everything watch your back she is under your bed much more scary than any monster you could think of. Controls little Sophie to murder kids.
Agathe is gonna get ya if you dont take your pills !
by Dxjfxxfxf November 14, 2017
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agathe is the typical girl who can date every single boy of her school.But she doesn't want this she only wants mark anastasio.So now they are dating and they are a good couple!
agathe is cool
by nameslol123 August 1, 2020
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Agathe is a pick me girl she’s mean to her friends for attention from boys
by Euhm March 12, 2021
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Agathe est une personne à l'image de son prénom, gentille et honnête. Sa bonté n'a d'égal que son élégance. Attention toutefois à ne pas l'énerver, ou vous vous en mordrez les doigts !

Trait caractéristique, Agathe aime les stickers chihuahuas et voudrait par ailleurs adopter deux ratons laveurs.

Son credo: "Agathe the power!".
Agathe the blues
by Nidhwal November 22, 2021
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