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A smart, pretty, shy, and funny person you will ever meet. She may seem quiet and shy but once you get to know her she can get crazy. She loves boys . She wants a man who will treat her right and be by her side 24/7 . NO PLAYERS ALLOWED ! And don't go rushing to sex because she wouldn't want that.
Tom: I would go out with Aaliya she's pretty .

Amy: Fuck off she doesn't accept players.
by Lasey March 11, 2015
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The most beautiful girl in the world. Smart, intelligent, and perfect. Loves to get rough with guys, extremely athletic. Sweet, adorable. She could also probably kick your ass. And she's probably amazing in bed ;) ;)
Guy: Damn, thats one badass girl
Guy 2: she just fucking messed that guy up, damn!
Aaliya: hey boys ;)
Guys: Faint. (boner)
by heybillyjoejoe March 07, 2013
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Aaliya is a loyal girl. She seems shy at first but later on seems weird and crazy as hell. She can be quite funny and loud when she wants to be. She is easily obsessive over things or ppl if she finds a reason to be. She tends to hide her emotions so if she opens up to you that means ur a true friend to her. She could be a model if she were a bit more sensible. She is very smart and pretty and easily Excitable. It's very easy to be friends with aaliya as she is very approachable and accepts everyone at first but if you do her wrong she will give you the cold shoulder or the bitchy side to her and no one want that from an aaliya. She is the queen of come backs so don't go arguing with her because she may use your words against you. Be true to her and treat her just as she treats you and you will never lose this trustable girl. Dont expect her to do all the apologies tho. She is very forgiving and will only apologize if she has truly done wrong. She gets stressed very easily so don't add to her work load or she'll go crazy. She's very generous and stylish and generally passionate about what she believes in. She may end up being a celebrity one day so make sure you keep her close. she can be falling for guys easily when she gets to know them and she takes a while to move on. But she's a true friend and the best you will ever find so never lose her for anything and always stay on her side as she will stay on yours.
Guy1: is that aaliya wow I have to be friends with her now...

Guy2: no fucking way bro, back off she's mine
Aaliya: hey you guys wanna hang out with us ?😉
by Peanutbutterjellytimeyay January 07, 2019
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The most beautiful person u will ever meet . She may seem shy But once u get to know her she is crazy.DON’T MESS WITH HER OR U WILL GET SLAPPED.
Guy 1 : why are u friends with that nerd

Aaliya: **slap**
by Lgjfjujbvt November 06, 2018
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Somewhat pretty, in a generic sort of ghetto way. The queen of backhanded compliments. Super bitchy, but great at it. Usually at least a little bit slutty.
Man, you're so lucky you're the only flutist. I would love to be first chair! said Aaliya.
by AtticFlower June 12, 2011
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This chick got a big O' booty; I mean massive. She a cute thang to with a kind personality. And when I say her pussy is wet I'm saying it drips.
-aye u wanna be put on with this girl aaliya?
-her name aaliya?! Bet bro I'm all over it
by TheChosenBootyWarrior June 18, 2018
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