The adolescent act of rushing home after school to look up porn and masturbate on the singular family computer before the rest of the family returns home.
Person A: "Want to hang out after school?"
Person B: "No way dude, I am heading straight home to try an squeeze in an after school special. My family will be home soon, and we are heading out of town on vacation for the weekend once they arrive. If I don't rub this one out now, it will be never."
by J.Tugs July 9, 2011
The act of bringing a person from the other sex over to one's house after school with the intent of sexual relations.
by JohnHughes April 4, 2012
The act of using a mind altering substance immediatly after a long day at work or school.
by Big-Drew March 12, 2006
a period of unemployment, often in the form of funemployment, directly following one's graduation from college
The weeks, months, and eventually years following his graduation were filled with binge drinking and loft parties. Nobody was sure quite how this after-school special would end.
by Elliott September 21, 2006
Right when you get home from school you go poop.
"Hey Isaac your home from school, I guess it's time for the after school special."
by sam April 10, 2005
Smoking buds after school, getting really torn after school
Man that blunt we chiefed during that after-school special just made my day all better.
by the true man February 2, 2007
The corner of 8th and Chew has the best after school specials.
by Johnny Tats November 13, 2007