The greatest musical piece eve conducted by be human race
Calvin:Hey Man what are you listening to?
Eric:Africa by Toto
Calvin:*On Knees and begging for mercy
by Xx_V1Rg1n_xX June 10, 2018
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George: What are you listing to?
A man, clearly of higher class than George: Africa by Toto
George: Oh that song, it sucks.
George: *is shunned by the entire rest of society*
by Fc- October 29, 2018
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The best song, even better than Minecraftcito, it can even make Shaggy cry.
Africa By Toto is literally the best song
by Look I realy dontr aweiopdnwio January 29, 2019
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A musical masterpiece that showcases the pinnacle of humanity. A spiritual journey that once started never stops. The single greatest song ever made given to us by David Paich. No one alive can contest the greatness of Africa by Toto.
Dear Gosh, that song, “Africa by Toto” might be the greatest thing I have ever heard!

“Africa by Toto?” That’s the song about blessing the rains!
by Gorbachev_83 December 19, 2021
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The greatest achievement of humanity thus far. Acceptable to play anywhere as it is a universal bridge between people, animals and other life forms.
'Have you heard Africa - Toto man? It's so good!'
by GroundNutmeg March 21, 2018
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The ONLY response to having a bad day, no matter how minuscule that tragedy is, any one of the right minds must always listen to Africa by Toto during a tragedy.
"Dude, I found my wife, sleeping with another man"
"This is so sad, Ok Google, play Africa by Toto"
Google: "Ok, playing Africa by Toto on Spotify"
Africa by Toto: "....I hear the drums echoing tonight...."
by theShuaBruh July 9, 2018
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