After unprotected sexual intercourse, you are afraid you might have AIDS.
You have the afraids.
Dude I was out of condoms last night and banged this chick, now I have the afraids.
by Medioman December 17, 2014
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The most inspirational song by Eminem who is the greatest rapper of all time and an absolutely awesome song
What’s your favourite Eminem song mine is not afraid
by The White Parade June 19, 2019
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im afraid u wont love me anymore im afraid im going to loose u. im afraid you'll replace me and find someone better than me im afraid someone will make u happier than I can. im afraid u will lose interest in me, in us.
by ewfhekr.afdj,hfw.kbjs November 12, 2020
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When you are too scared to tell someone how you feel because they might say something you don't like. More of like being turned down by them...
I am scared. Like my afraidness is getting in the way but I really want you to know how I feel.
by IfHeOnlyKnew May 3, 2011
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Eminem's song from the shitty sell-out album Recovery. Where he does songs with mainstream pop-shitters like lil wayne and pink. A song that makes 14 year old girls wet, The same girls that love justin bieber.
14 year old girl: Hey I heard you like eminem

Random guy: Yeah, why?


Random guy: Fuck off, Recovery album and not afraid sucks dick.
by malixander October 28, 2010
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When you're afraid you'll enjoy homosexual activity.
While Logan was talking about his gay relationship it made Roberto uncomfortable, revealing him being homo-afraid.
by The_Elite_Trucker_Group March 3, 2022
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Aint Afraid is the worlds first multi-talented muslim girl music making duo. They are widely known as the "Multi-Talented double dose of dopeness" Aint Afraid is made up of twin sisters, Straingth and WiZdumb. The TwinSZ are notably known for their single LBP by Aint Afraid ft. Venatged, released on July 31, 2020. They are also known for their bold fashion choices, infectious personality, and tight bond. Their single Bonnie and Bonnie gives fans a look inside their awesome relationship.
Oh My God, Tell me you've watched Aint Afraid's newest Music Video!
by Georgia Thomas March 14, 2021
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