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Aeryns don't sweat. Bullets can't kill a Aeryn. Only a Aeryn can kill a Aeryn. Regular humans are useless.
Aeryns never wear headbands with the word "Aeryn" printed on them. Aeryns can breath underwater anytime they want. Aeryns can change clothes in less than 1 second. Aeryns always land on their feet. If they don't have feet they will land on their nubs. Aeryns invented the internets. Aeryns don't eat or drink very much, and they never have to go to the bathroom. Aeryns always move to America when making a new start as a non-assassin. Aeryns don't play sports. Unless killing is a sport. Aeryns can crush golfballs with 2 fingers, any two fingers. Aeryns can remove a spleen in one swift motion. Aeryns live in your house secretly for days. Aeryns can remove their shadow if needed.
Damn. That Aeryn just took your spleen.
by COwboyBeebop February 03, 2010
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Aeryn is an amazing person with a cute, funny personality that can make any guy fall in love with her. Aeryn has a massive booty and a great figure. Aeryn's are tough and strong. Aeryn's are beautiful, hot, sexy and fit. If you are lucky enough to have an Aeryn as a friend keep her because she is worth it. All the guys are attracted to Aeryn but don't like to admit it because they don't know what she will think of them. Aeryn's are known to have amazing cheekbones and hour glass figures.
Boy 1: Woah who's that?
Boy 2: That's Aeryn dude. She hot right?
Boy 1: Oh yeah she's really cute
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by Ashlynn_xox June 16, 2018
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Aeryns are typically short and always loud. Aeryns don’t know the meaning of an inside voice. If an Aeryn we’re to come across a spider they would scream at it hoping it would scare it off. Aeryns tend to live in farms posing as a farmer when they are actually a military assassin. Aeryns are kind of heart but can turn into a screaming mister if someone would cross them. Aeryns are fearless and always have a way to get out if a situation. Even if that situation involves killing. Aeryns are deadly human who will one day rule the plant. All of the planets.
Have you seen Aeryn?
She’s in the farm right now doing farmer things
Or is she...
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by The best human May 17, 2018
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Aeryn's are typically closeted furries and super kinky. S/He spends most of their time on children's game (ex. Club Penguin, Animal Jam, ToonTown) harassing and cat fishing young children. Aeryn is always short and tends to make random animal mating noises as she was a bird or pterodactyl in her past life. Aeryn always intentionally mispells things and doesn't pay attention to anything outside her tablet/phone.
Jim: Aeryn's so weird.
Mason: There's a school shooter!
Aeryn: Lol XDD rawr I love AJ!!
by sadbricks January 30, 2018
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Hahaha you’ve been with so many boys lately! Your such an Aeryn
by StevenPeterson June 15, 2018
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