He's really good at math and can be a try hard when he wants to be. He is a gamer and he can also be a try hard when he wants to be. He is very nice (a little to nice if you ask me) they might often get hurt by other people. He has trust issues. He loves you unconditionally when he is friends with you. He is very honest. He never lies unless he has to. He is very kind and mannered. He dislikes profanity. He is also very good looking. He loves food but doesn't gain weight (lmao same😂). He is very trustworthy. Keeps your secrets and it never leaves their mouth unless you allow them to they always ask your permission if it is ok. He is also very lovable and funny.
Aaron is a one of a kind keep them close after all he is my guy best friend.😁 Aeron also means (berry)
by Em._.ma December 9, 2018
Aeron is a boy who will love you unconditionally forever! he is amazing and caring and so so kind he gives the best cuddles and just being in his arms will make you feel safe. He will always want what’s best for you and always be there when you need him to be. Aeron is a boy that you should never let go of and you need to hold on to forever ❤️
You’ll always need a boy like Aeron in your life
by just a girl in love April 13, 2020
Aeron loves men, he is very bad at everythin
Aeron is so gay
by 123d21s January 3, 2021
aeron is someone who will make your life infinitely better, a person who will always be there for you and can make you smile. I don't know where i would be without them and i love them dearly <3
I'm so glad Aeron is my boyfriend, they're amazing
by Nico Crow August 27, 2021
"Danny almost got hit in the head by that Aeron!"
by ququququ November 18, 2008
aerons are generally people who are oxymorons
like prep school druggie. They love video games to the point where they may need a life. They also cant feel pain. All in all, pretty badass.
Aeron: my knee's fucked up can u kick it
Ryan: sure
Ryan:u didnt feel that
Aeron: no bitch of course not
by theswimmer March 13, 2009
A cool person. Theyre nonbinary and swear a *lot*
Theyre a big fan of the dream smp.
1: hey aeron!

Ae: *hiss*
by sk1P_ø71 September 28, 2021