15 definitions by Abriel Ole

-When one knows the area very well and can navigate around obstacles in the hood; such as traffic, police lights ahead, and swerving a hoe. Also used when in a chase or racing.
"Ohp, there's a traffic jam on I-475. I'm gonna havta use the hood advantage to get around it. I'll get off on Atherton and get back on at Bristol and hopefully pass the accident or what ever it is."
by Abriel Ole September 13, 2016
The combination of the words weed and booger. A wooger is a chunk of weed that gets in your mouth when smoking joints and blunts. They usually more resin than plant.
Aye bro, you got a wooger on your lip.
by Abriel Ole September 28, 2016
A term created by Larry Mills III, meaning random flakes of weed left over from smoking. They can be found on your tray or the floor. If they are found on the floor it's usually a sign that Terrell was there, these are known as Terrell droppings.
Look that table has scriggly bits on it. Larry was here.
by Abriel Ole September 28, 2016
A term that refers to the slang you use at the workplace; the type of words that if other people that aren't in your career field, hear them, they will have no idea what you are saying.
Every different type of work force has it's own slango, especially the medical field.
by Abriel Ole September 15, 2016
When you are smoking dabs and screw up and burn yourself, break the rig or get your wax on stuff.
"I burnt a hole in my coat sleeve. It accidently touched the nail, it was a dabcident."
"Dabs was a drug before it was a dance, so in a way we are making you do drugs. Opps, that was a dabcident. I didn't mean to say that out loud."
by Abriel Ole August 30, 2016
A group known as the Village Mafia from dangerous parts of Michigan. This group has extremely high blunt standards. You must be able to know how to pearl a blunt to hang in this squad. As it is mentioned in their song, "Pearl Game Reflective", they like blunts rolled symmetric. Basically, it should look the same way before and after. If you royally fuck up a blunt then you may be at risk of losing your nipples. Just hope that the Village Mafia Administration of Blunt Doctors can fix it and save your nips.
The Village Pearlers have hosted their 5th annual blunt rolling competition this year.
by Abriel Ole September 2, 2016
A scale in which men secretly grade women based off of three factors; Beauty (personal attractiveness), personality (approachability) and whether or not you could see a future with this woman (wife material). Each one of the factors has its own scale from 1-100 and should be discussed in order of beauty, personality and future wife material. A lot of guys do this their head and a lot are unaware that they do it. I'm sure women got they're own scale and factors.
guy1: "Hey what's the charzian scale for her?"

guy2: "She's really hot but has resting bitch face. I'm going to say 91, 87, 90."

guy1: "Those are up there man, go talk to her."

guy2: "Alright, find out what's she's really like. That 87 might go up."
by Abriel Ole September 14, 2016