15 definitions by Abriel Ole

A term created by Larry Mills III, meaning random flakes of weed left over from smoking. They can be found on your tray or the floor. If they are found on the floor it's usually a sign that Terrell was there, these are known as Terrell droppings.
Look that table has scriggly bits on it. Larry was here.
by Abriel Ole September 28, 2016
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-The act of randomly wondering to find something or some shit to do.

-The one word that rhymes with orange.
"Funk work today, I'm going to dorange for some orange kush."
by Abriel Ole September 02, 2016
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The term the crack-heads across the street use to secretly talk about their drug or drugs. YEs, we know what you're talking about.
Katey: "Billy, where's my cell phone?"

Billy: "It's in your fucking hand you stupid bitch."

Katey: "Where's my cell phone?"

Billy: " You're fucking talking on it." (Then walks inside all angry and shit.)

Billy: (comes out, hands her something and says) "Here's your fucking cell phone!" (Bag of crack)

Katey: "It's not enough."

Then they argue for like a half an hour, then he finally says, "Bitch, HEAD SHOT! Fuck off and die!"

And they both squeal tires out of there driving in different directions.

loudest fucking neighbors ever, I swear.
by Abriel Ole September 02, 2016
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A scale in which men secretly grade women based off of three factors; Beauty (personal attractiveness), personality (approachability) and whether or not you could see a future with this woman (wife material). Each one of the factors has its own scale from 1-100 and should be discussed in order of beauty, personality and future wife material. A lot of guys do this their head and a lot are unaware that they do it. I'm sure women got they're own scale and factors.
guy1: "Hey what's the charzian scale for her?"

guy2: "She's really hot but has resting bitch face. I'm going to say 91, 87, 90."

guy1: "Those are up there man, go talk to her."

guy2: "Alright, find out what's she's really like. That 87 might go up."
by Abriel Ole September 14, 2016
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When you are smoking dabs and screw up and burn yourself, break the rig or get your wax on stuff.
"I burnt a hole in my coat sleeve. It accidently touched the nail, it was a dabcident."
"Dabs was a drug before it was a dance, so in a way we are making you do drugs. Opps, that was a dabcident. I didn't mean to say that out loud."
by Abriel Ole August 30, 2016
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-The male form of the word thirsty.

-When a guy is horny and is looking to score some tale.

-Guys eat pussy and girls drank cum. Hungry and thirsty.
Girls get thirsty af and guys get hungry af.

Some guy: "I'm hungry as fuck bruh, I'm about to munch on that pussy over there."
by Abriel Ole September 02, 2016
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A surprisingly good mix drink that contains Jack Daniels and Nos energy drink. It's about 3-4 shots of Jack to 1 can of original Nos (complx6). Kind of taste like peaches or tangerines. It's highly addictive but be warned, I had about three mason jars full and I thought my heart was going to explode. It will pump you up though.
I'm going to go camping and drink some Jack Nos.
by Abriel Ole September 19, 2016
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