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A term created by Larry Mills III, meaning random flakes of weed left over from smoking. They can be found on your tray or the floor. If they are found on the floor it's usually a sign that Terrell was there, these are known as Terrell droppings.
Look that table has scriggly bits on it. Larry was here.
by Abriel Ole September 28, 2016
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A term that refers to the slang you use at the workplace; the type of words that if other people that aren't in your career field, hear them, they will have no idea what you are saying.
Every different type of work force has it's own slango, especially the medical field.
by Abriel Ole September 15, 2016
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A group known as the Village Mafia from dangerous parts of Michigan. This group has extremely high blunt standards. You must be able to know how to pearl a blunt to hang in this squad. As it is mentioned in their song, "Pearl Game Reflective", they like blunts rolled symmetric. Basically, it should look the same way before and after. If you royally fuck up a blunt then you may be at risk of losing your nipples. Just hope that the Village Mafia Administration of Blunt Doctors can fix it and save your nips.
The Village Pearlers have hosted their 5th annual blunt rolling competition this year.
by Abriel Ole September 2, 2016
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What Trump has been beating on since he started to run for president. He's talking about nothing but himself, open your eyes. fuck Hillary too though. Vote for Jim Carrey.
Trump's whole campaign is based of the fact that Hillary is like the worst solution and Trump is only slightly better. He has plans that he can't say so instead he beats a deadhorse and talks about himself in order to waste time. on the contrary Hillary will avoid talking about herself. Both are liers.
by Abriel Ole September 13, 2016
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The term the crack-heads across the street use to secretly talk about their drug or drugs. YEs, we know what you're talking about.
Katey: "Billy, where's my cell phone?"

Billy: "It's in your fucking hand you stupid bitch."

Katey: "Where's my cell phone?"

Billy: " You're fucking talking on it." (Then walks inside all angry and shit.)

Billy: (comes out, hands her something and says) "Here's your fucking cell phone!" (Bag of crack)

Katey: "It's not enough."

Then they argue for like a half an hour, then he finally says, "Bitch, HEAD SHOT! Fuck off and die!"

And they both squeal tires out of there driving in different directions.

loudest fucking neighbors ever, I swear.
by Abriel Ole September 2, 2016
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pronunciation: Wha-tis-zap

A random mashing of words that someone said one day, when they met to say 'what time is it?' So now that's what it means. I think she was trying to say, "what's the time at?" idk. It kind of flows though.
"Yo Marsha, whatizap?"

"It's only 10:14."
by Abriel Ole October 19, 2016
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A surprisingly good mix drink that contains Jack Daniels and Nos energy drink. It's about 3-4 shots of Jack to 1 can of original Nos (complx6). Kind of taste like peaches or tangerines. It's highly addictive but be warned, I had about three mason jars full and I thought my heart was going to explode. It will pump you up though.
I'm going to go camping and drink some Jack Nos.
by Abriel Ole September 19, 2016
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