An excuse for 12-17 year old guys to say a word that sounds like penis but isn't penis. Most claim that the weenis is the flap of skin under your elbow, but we all know that

a. The skin is the Olecranal skin
b. You are just obsessed with saying penis if you say weenis constantly
Bill: "Dude my Weenis is dirty and scratched man"
Gary: "You just want to say penis don't you"
Bill: "Nu uh. Weenis is a medical term!"
Gary: (pulls out medical dictionary to find nothing on weenis)
Gary: "GTFO"
by RoboZombie April 14, 2011
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The flap of skin on your elbow
"Damn I just scratched my Weenis on a piece of cabbage
by whaleruslover226 August 28, 2016
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Weenis originated with my Purple Pot Pipe. I was sitting there, stoned out of my mind, and I started saying, "I don't know what that has to do with education, but in my house, we call it a Wenis," for some strange reason. Well the next day I got the said pipe and I decided that since it was purple I would call it "Purple Wenis." But then people kept calling me gay so I changed the spelling so that it would not resemble the other word.

But also Weenis is It. It is everythign and nothing at the same time. This originated with my cousin saying "In my house we call it an...IT!" And so Weenis, you see, is just a small part of It. It encompasses all. Weenis is technically nothing and everything under the tyrannical rule of the Todd (a.k.a hITler.)
"Dude, where did Purple Weenis go?"

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A weenis is not a penis nor is it the skin on your elbow!

It is a detachable part used to have fun!
the only people who really have weenises are ASHLEY ERIN AND JANIS!

Weenis can also be used as a derogaotry term for others who are un-cool.

by YOU KNOW ! October 12, 2008
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Weenis is not the skin on your elbow, it's not a penis either. Its that moving skin when you seperate your thumb and your index finger, you see this stretchy extra skin between your fingers, that extra skin is your weenis. Scientists couldn't come up with a name for it, so they called it the weenis. Tihs is the true meaning for weenis. Its in health books.
Ow! you cut my weenis, I can't move my thumb anymore!!!
by Dominizzle Fo' Shizzle January 15, 2006
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