When you start not being able to do fun things because you gotta go to work all day, every day
My friend: "wanna go to the bar and get wasted?"

Me: "sorry buddy gotta go to work tomorrow and don't wanna be hungover"
My friend: "are you trying out this lame thing called adulthood?"
by itsthislady December 27, 2016
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2008 sequel to Kidulthood, starring Noel Clarke as the main character.

Follows Sam Peel's release from prison with several flashbacks to when he was in jail. Basically he gets attacked by the person he killed friends, and he has to escape their revenge. If you want the whole story which I'm too lazy to type, do what everyone else does: either watch the movie, or look it up.
Dude1: Whats the sequel to Kidulthood?

Dude2: Adulthood you commie! Can't believe you forgot that!
by Jeet0411 June 2, 2010
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Time in which you receive your first hair down there.
You know Steve he finally hit young adulthood.
by wolffman21 November 29, 2016
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The resistance to accepting adult responsibility resulting in tendencies to procrastinate, blame others and redirect criticism.

Those who suffer from Adulthood Trauma reference and retain only negative memories, which contributes to their negative attitude.
"I asked her to do the dishes and she said she thought my 4 year old son had already did them. That broad suffers from adulthood trauma."
by Dr. Drucifer May 2, 2019
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puberty stabilizing
i have to fill this in
ok adulthood
by Big Man Scrap July 23, 2022
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Early Adulthood: This stage extends from 20-30 years. As an adult, the individual takes a firmer place in society, usually holding a job, contributing to community and maintaining a family/care of offspring.
The twenties and thirties are often thought of as early adulthood.
by ItJustSoHappens February 15, 2019
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