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2008 sequel to Kidulthood, starring Noel Clarke as the main character.

Follows Sam Peel's release from prison with several flashbacks to when he was in jail. Basically he gets attacked by the person he killed friends, and he has to escape their revenge. If you want the whole story which I'm too lazy to type, do what everyone else does: either watch the movie, or look it up.
Dude1: Whats the sequel to Kidulthood?

Dude2: Adulthood you commie! Can't believe you forgot that!
by Jeet0411 June 02, 2010

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Refering to the year 2008. Usually sued when bringing a past example to the present
Mad cos I'm Chronic 2008ting on them

(refers to his dropping an equivalent of Dr Dre's classic "Chronic" album in the year 2008)
by Jeet0411 May 17, 2010

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