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(Uh-D`or-ih-ful) An adjective describing a person who is ludicrously adorable, but also has deeper attributes, such as an endearing personality and overwhelming charm. Less innocent than cuteiful.
"Adoraful" is derived from the combination of "beautiful" and "adorable", although "beautiful" does not as strongly influence the definition (it simply makes it sound cuter).
Adoraful can also be used as a noun, and is especially cute when used to describe a guy.
Girl: "Jimmy was dancing down the hallway, listening to his iPod, and when I walked by, he grabbed my arms and spun me around, then danced away, lip-syncing. He was soooo adoraful."

Girl: "Jimmy is such an adoraful."
by WestCoastLisa January 22, 2006
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