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definition of class, a layed back and chill person, will only talk if one talks to him. Gets his women by his looks more than his personality
god I wish I had the lifestyle of an a Adib
by aGreatDude November 29, 2011
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That really cute guy with the but chin!
He's persian, relaxed, hilarious, fun, good-looking, smart and he has a lot of goals in life.

He want's to be a dentist, a pharmacist and a business owner at the same time! Oh Adib.
I wish Adib asked me to prom :(
Adib never gets haircuts...
Adib changes his career every day
It's a bird, it's a plain, no, its super adibo!
by nabad April 22, 2013
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Adib commonly know as adibly-doo
the best friend you could ever have
thats inlove with ronnie radke

hes amazeingly adorable
and a amazeing singer
that is gonna make it big one day
Hes Someone that when you meet
Youll never forget him!
Hes kind of a whore...JK?
everyone that meets him will love him (:
wow, ADIB??!! that one cool cat from that awesome band?
by PrincessBubbleGum July 04, 2010
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A man from Iran who has a mustache with the stature of a caterpillar. His caterpillar has the ability to consume any and all. when laughing, an adib will spam. And he pwns.
Look it's an adib! Don't get too close, his mustache may eat you!
by Voibs February 08, 2008
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A typical name of person who loves sex and kisses
Jack is an Adib
by Aidil uitm January 05, 2018
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