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the hot, sexy, yummy, lead singer of falling in reverse (previously from behind these walls) he was previously in escape the fate.
listen up- falling in reverse

ily ronnie radke! no matter where you go we will still love you!!
by x_emoily_x August 07, 2009
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25 year old ex-singer of Escape the Fate. Kicked out of the band for being in a fight involving the death of Michael Cook. Ronnie was sentenced 5 years probation.
He's now in a new band called Falling in Reverse.
He's also an amazing singer and no one will ever replace him <333
person 1: Look it's Ronnie Radke!
person 2: oh isn't he the ex-singer of escape the fate?
person 1: yes!
by loserloserloser213 September 01, 2009
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the most adorable, cutest, awkwardest guy in the world.
i ran into him one time at warped tour, and damn did he look fine, in skin tight black jeans, a purple v-neck, and his choppy hair over his face. i asked for his autograph, so he signed my face. then he sneezed and it sounded like he was 3 cuz it was so high-pitched and delicate.
hes in a new band, falling in reverse. they will own the world, if he ever gets out of jail.
yes, he is in jail. sadly, as i type this, he is most likely getting a dick shoved down his throat or being raped by the other jail birds. oh, the price of beatuty.
and he's brilliantly insane, or insanely brilliant. it remains a mystery.

plus, also very very very very very VERRRRRRYYY tickilish in his sides. i saw max (ex-bff/possible gay lover) poke him in the side and he jumped and spazzed and said "i told you not to do that!" too bad, cause he did like 864568596 times after that.
also, known for his huge dark brown eyes, perfectly straight nose, and adorable half smile.
and that you can count all of his ribs cause he's so damn skinny.
teenie bopper: omGoMgOmg roNnie i$ lykee so hAwT!
hxc kid: fuck off, you don't know the first thing about him.

girl: ahhhh guys guess what!
friends: what!
girl: yesterday at warped tour, ronnie radke SNEEZED ON ME AHHH IT WAS SO CUTE!
friends: *squeels* LUCKY BITCH!!!!!

craig mabbitt: don't use the "r" word!
by chloeradke March 26, 2010
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Ronnie Radke is the lead singer of Escape The Fate
His voice is GORGEOUS
Every teenie in the world loves him or max green.
(get to it teenies!)
Ronnie Radke, your wonderful...
I love you to death.
by laurennn October 29, 2007
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Ex-lead singer for Escape the Fate. Escape the Fate's members were Max Green(base), Omar Espinosa(guitar), Bryan Monte(guitar) and Robert Ortiz(drums). He was kicked out of the band because of his drug problems and that he was going to jail. He went to jail in August 2008 he got out of jail (one day after his birthday) Decemeber 16th, 2010. He is the lead singer for the band he created, Falling In Reverse. Falling In Reverse consists of Ronnie Radke (lead singer), Derek Jones (guitar/screams in the band), Jacky Vincent (guitar), Mikia Horiuchi (base and backing vocals) and Ryan Seaman (drums). Falling In Reverse's debut album is set to release on July 26th, 2011. Right now they have 2 singles on itunes. The first one is called "Raised By Wolves" and the second is called "The Drug In Me Is You" which is also the name of the album. Their songs were leaked onto youtube July 14th by the band themselves.

Ronnie Radke was born December 15th, 1983 (making him 27). He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. He went to highschool with Max Green. They were bestfriend until Ronnie Radke's depature from the band. Ronnie Radke and Max Green have spoken but are not on the best of speaking terms. Instead, his new friends are his band mates and other people. Ronnie Radke has said time and time again how thankful he is that he has now sobered up and that his fans are the best. He wrote the songs on his up coming album in prision.
Ronnie Radke is the lead singer of Falling In Reverse.
by radkeaddict16 July 17, 2011
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The ex-Lead singer of the band "Escape the Fate"
(witch has been drastically changed sense his fall from grace) witch of whom has been arrested for breaking probation,and who has been put on trial for being involved with murder.he got kicked out of the band for being in a fight and getting arrested, he's in a new band Falling in Reverse witch is pretty good. but the drugs he was addicted to changed him, and clouded his sense of judgment. (addressing his phone interview found on ronnie blames Max green for alot of his problems, other problems, and the bands problems. on the other hand if you read max greens interview (under google made by xXskeletonxcrewXx__MCRmy) ronnie is a very different's very hard to choose between them. they both are great artists. Ronnie Radke is obviously a very troubled. Very hurt man.he has a great voice, and awe taking passion for his music.
all the songs ronnie sang in ETF are
reverse this curse
the webs we weave
when i go out, i want to go out on a chariot of fire
the guillotine
cellar door
theres no sympathy for the dead
my apocalypse
friends and alibis
not good enough for the truth in cliche
the day i left the womb
Person 1; geeze Ronnie Radke seems like a dick!
me; naah i think the drugs just f*cked him up.
person 1; well whose side are you on max green
or Ronnie Radke's?
me; neither. i love them both.
by i'm just cora, thanks. August 07, 2010
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An addict of whom's father never should have raised on Black Sabbath
Rehab Bitch: Why are you in here?

Cool ass Mother Fucker: Because Ronnie Radke told me to kill you bitch! (shoots bitch with gun that was ripped out of the vagina)

Rehab Bitch: (Dead)

by ThatOtherBitch June 15, 2018
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