Addy is a girl who is very special. Addy's usually have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. They are shy at first but once you get to know them they are so funny. They like to sing really loudly and can speak Spanish. Addy's are ballers and all the boys want them. They get down at dances but also in the library. Addy's are an 11/10.
Guy#!: Wow Addy was killing it on the dance floor last night
Guy#2: I know, what a cutie with a bootie.
by thedefinerofmanywords October 13, 2017
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One of the most hottest, nicest and funniest/funnest girls you will ever meet! She loves guys not for their looks but for their personalities... Addy's are usually gamer girls and are very easy to talk to, they listen to! Usually blonde with blue or green eyes. Great personalities and fall for almost any guy. Almost all their friends are guys because they hate drama and girly stuff.... Addy's are not the type of girls that will like justin beiber or any gay thing like that, they tend to have a more.. guyish style but girly. Addy's mainly like just being friends with guys and not dating them, they wait till they know its the perfect and right guy for her. Addy's try to be the best and very best!
Who is that chick over there? I talked to her in class.

Oh thats Addy hot right?

Yeah and funny to talk to! I could tell her everything!


Every time Addy walks by me I feel energy rushing through my body!


I think im inlove with Addy?

No your not I am!

The most beautiful and awesomest girl you will ever meet.
by forever infinity September 18, 2013
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Someone who you might meet swimming, or drinking copious amounts of vodka in a classy bar. Also has a penchant for strong ciders/other typical manly drinks.

Typical behaviors often include inappropriate comments, desire to burst into Glee cover songs that they "made better" and providing copious amounts of banter (including random, nonsensical shit). Has never untagged herself from a bad photo on Facebook, even if it's lost her a Christmas present from her deeply Christian relatives. An absolute laugh and a great person to spend time with
Man 1: Who's that girl over there

Man 2: She's called Addy. Really nice girl. Doesn't wear copious amounts of make up.

Man 1: She sounds like an honest girl

Man 2: Naah she's more of a true lad
by Oxfordlad November 20, 2012
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Sex God

An addy is a person who cracks out orgasms like pancakes; seriously good; this kind of person is rare.
"So?...Was he any good?"
"Are you kidding?! He was a total addy."
by Karmasutraexpert22 July 04, 2012
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The caring one who seeks a lover usually found with a friend very shy person but soft inside
Who's the addy of the group
by Crunk-.- June 25, 2016
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Short for Adamantite or Adamant weapons/armor in the popular online game Runescape. Adamant items are currently the fourth best for members and second best for free players.
Bronze (bronze)
Steel (Steel)
Black (Black)
Mithril (Mith)
Adamantite (Addy)
Runite (Rune)
Dragon (d or drag)
Barrows sets
by Metatag May 09, 2005
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Some kid that's pretty cool and super gay. They aren't a guy, aren't a girl. Who knows what the fuck they are, but they are pretty rad. They're creative and lovely and deserve a lot in life. If you get an Addy in your life, don't let them go because you're losing a really cool person. They're also a hell raiser and a big cutie.
Craig: hey is that addy ?
Kenny: yeah they're one cool kid.
by A tired gay June 17, 2017
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