A piece of software designed to prevent advertisements from appearing on a Web page
I have installed an adblocker on my computer .
by Rabbit Shakespeare February 10, 2016
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A browser extension/app/addon/plugin which blocks advertisements/ads/adverts
This is something you should love, but not too much (as it decreases revenue to the advertiser).
Some adblockers, mainly ABP and Adblock, even the Chrome Built-in Adblocker enroll in the Acceptable Ads program.
This allows some good ads, but blocks shitty ads. However, this can be disabled (except for chrome built-in).
Hornorable mention: uBlock Origin
Some scummy websites may ask you to "disable" your adblocker, but theres an app for that with fuck overlays (or nope to overlays), scrollfucker, and sometimes the userscript aak (anti adblock killer)
A: Man i fucking hate ads
God: go to adblockplus.org
A: Oh wow thank you god for giving me the adblocker i can now browse peacefully
by Preinstallable June 4, 2020
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A guardian hero that protects you from poisonous ads that come up on porn sites and before youtube videos.
Jesus! I'm so glad i installed this adblocker! No revenue to these youtubers!
by Sossmaker November 10, 2018
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The act of blocking an unpleasant image using the Mozilla Firefox extension, adblock.
I adblocked Jack's forum avatar because it was butt ugly and creeped me out.
by MechaTC May 5, 2005
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A software/extension/addon that blocks ads on your browser.
"ok, what? these inappropriate ads! that is it! wait? getadblock.com? oh! i will install this adblock extension! yes! now i have it! few, no ads!"
by NateShreck February 8, 2017
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A vary useful and must-have application for Firefox (firefox.exe). It is the best way to surf the web seamlessly and a good way to rape anyone who attempts to sell you dumb crap you'll never want.
Guy1: Did you see that ad on your home page?

Guy2: Hell no! I gots me AdBlock Plus! So those posers can suck my Joystick!
by Splek November 13, 2008
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