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The act of blocking an unpleasant image using the Mozilla Firefox extension, adblock.
I adblocked Jack's forum avatar because it was butt ugly and creeped me out.
by MechaTC May 05, 2005
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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A vary useful and must-have application for Firefox (firefox.exe). It is the best way to surf the web seamlessly and a good way to rape anyone who attempts to sell you dumb crap you'll never want.
Guy1: Did you see that ad on your home page?

Guy2: Hell no! I gots me AdBlock Plus! So those posers can suck my Joystick!
by Splek November 13, 2008
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A software/extension/addon that blocks ads on your browser.
"ok, what? these inappropriate ads! that is it! wait? oh! i will install this adblock extension! yes! now i have it! few, no ads!"
by NateShreck February 07, 2017
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