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The act of blocking an unpleasant image using the Mozilla Firefox extension, adblock.
I adblocked Jack's forum avatar because it was butt ugly and creeped me out.
by MechaTC May 05, 2005
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A vary useful and must-have application for Firefox (firefox.exe). It is the best way to surf the web seamlessly and a good way to rape anyone who attempts to sell you dumb crap you'll never want.
Guy1: Did you see that ad on your home page?

Guy2: Hell no! I gots me AdBlock Plus! So those posers can suck my Joystick!
by Splek November 13, 2008
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The best browser plugin ever invented. It blocks annoying advertisements on a multitude of sites such as YouTube and Pandora. It allows you to browse faster as pages have less to load, you get less viruses from clicking the fake advert download buttons on downloading sites, it blocks trackers, and even lets you watch YouTube and listen to Pandora with no interruptions. Just be careful because some sites can detect it and take action against it.
Now that I got adblock on my phone, I am saving more data.
by Spotlightsrule September 07, 2016
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A software/extension/addon that blocks ads on your browser.
"ok, what? these inappropriate ads! that is it! wait? oh! i will install this adblock extension! yes! now i have it! few, no ads!"
by NateShreck February 07, 2017
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There are adblockers.
And adblocker-blockers.
And adblocker-blocker-blockers.
Welcome to the internet, bitch.
Who DOESN'T use an adblocker of some sort?
by HEADS GROW BACK July 25, 2016
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