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A browser extension/app/addon/plugin which blocks advertisements/ads/adverts
This is something you should love, but not too much (as it decreases revenue to the advertiser).
Some adblockers, mainly ABP and Adblock, even the Chrome Built-in Adblocker enroll in the Acceptable Ads program.
This allows some good ads, but blocks shitty ads. However, this can be disabled (except for chrome built-in).
Hornorable mention: uBlock Origin
Some scummy websites may ask you to "disable" your adblocker, but theres an app for that with fuck overlays (or nope to overlays), scrollfucker, and sometimes the userscript aak (anti adblock killer)
A: Man i fucking hate ads
God: go to adblockplus.org
A: Oh wow thank you god for giving me the adblocker i can now browse peacefully
by Preinstallable June 4, 2020
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VERY bad or intrusive ads.
Usually lists like
1. am i pregnant test
2. senior dating site
3. dating site free
4. other shit idk but probably porn
another type is clickbait ads
"you cant believe why i put this in my toilet"
and then it tells u to buy some shit
the other one is porn-like ads
these mix with clickbait ads as they are not porn, just viruses probably.
gaah the urban dictionary ads are crap
by Preinstallable September 23, 2020
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Not the be confused the the fps Overwatch, but the Overwatch (main antagonist of Half Life 2), alongside Airwatch and Civil Protection, are units of the Combine which are their military. These consist of Standard Soldiers (OSIPR rifle or an SMG), Shotgunners (Shotgun), and Elite Soldiers (OSIPR rifle with ability to use Dark Energy Balls). These soldiers are trans-human, meaning they are surgically modified to be better at combat in hazardous environments (e.g. removing their vocal cords in place of a vocoder in case of their lungs not functioning.) They have their memories wiped, so they don't have any empathy (and no chance of rebelling against the Combine)
Citizen: CPs!
Rebel: The overwatch are after us! Get going.
by Preinstallable October 1, 2020
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When you turn 13, the Internet suddenly lets you sign up for stuff.
12 year old: i cant wait to turn 13!
13 year old: now i can sign up for google and use youtube
by Preinstallable November 2, 2020
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Similar to a knockoff, but the copied product is higher quality than the original product.
Guy 1: Get this charger, it's a knockoff but it's better than the charger that comes with your iPhone
Guy 2: That's called a knockon.
by Preinstallable January 18, 2023
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a: yo i got french bread pizza
by Preinstallable June 2, 2020
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blank definition which will probably be some ancient/future language or emoji in the future
by Preinstallable December 18, 2021
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