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A plugin used in browsers meant to block advertisements in different sites.
Guy 1: Those shitty YouTube 30 second long commercials are pissing me off.

Guy 2: You kinda deserve it.

Guy 1: Wtf, why?

Guy 2: Because you don't have adblock plus you dumbfuck.
by MrBananass September 7, 2015
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An extremely idiotic thing websites use, basically it's like waving a cross (adblock) at a demon (person with adblock) to go away or turn it off.

Once you turn it off, they log all your personal information and say thanks.
You: I am thirsty for info, let's go to this news website.
*You scroll down slowly, reading each line*
Website: Turn off your adblocker to keep viewing this website
You: Go away
*Closes website*
by Trumpium December 16, 2021
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A guardian hero that protects you from poisonous ads that come up on porn sites and before youtube videos.
Jesus! I'm so glad i installed this adblocker! No revenue to these youtubers!
by Sossmaker November 10, 2018
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