Adam22 is a host for a famous podcast called NoJumper which interviews up and coming rapper like Juice WRLD and XXXTENTACION
Person 1:Yo adam22 podcast is cool.!!!
Person 2: we all knew that!!!!
by _-Junior_- December 29, 2020
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The man who likes to not jump in basketball, as a matter of fact he may not even know how to jump???!!!!
Imma Adam22 on you boy .
by Ninjeeee May 9, 2018
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So... He's fucking all the women... And then a different guy fucks his woman... And now he's... Not the guy who should be fucking all the women? I... Guys, I don't see how that... Are you do that on purpose? Is this a prank?
Hym "Let me get this straight... Adam22 is a pornstar... And he's fucking all of the women... And he let a different pornstar (or just some random fatcock I don't know) fuck his wife... And women only fuck the extra most-specialist guy... So now... He's NOT the extra bestest ultra-man? He's the cuck? I thought he was the better than everyone guy? That fast!? He's fucking all of them because he's so much just better than everyone... And now he's... Worse than everyone? Even though he still fucked all of the women? You... You guys are screwing with me right? Like, you're doing that to fuck with me? Ok.. I... Whatever guys-Just... Alright..."
by Hym Iam July 30, 2023
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Someone who uses their platform to promote their newlywed wife for porn scenes with a hung dude who gets paid and laughs about smashing your wife better than you
Right after his wedding, Brian got Adam22’d by his new wife D feat. Abi Cruz
by bigdee July 2, 2023
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