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Go squat elsewhere.

Remove yourself from my seat.

A command to someone residing in your spot.
Bitch, absquatulate! You're in my seat, go squat over there!
by Sagegrl November 22, 2009
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To leave quickly or in a hurry; to take oneself off; to decamp; to depart.

Blended jocular mock-Latin word. Arose in America in the 19th century (about 1837). Probably made up of the following parts: The Latin adverb and prefix ab, "away (from)", (maybe taken from abscond), the suffix -ate (maybe taken from perambulate or undulate), and the middle portion, "squatul", which might be a derivation of to squat.
Let's make like an ape and absquatulate.
by madamnaughty October 09, 2009
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1. To move off in a rush; to hurry away.

2. To die.

Created from the idea, "go off and squat somewhere," from Latin ab-, "away from" + excoactus, "to sit down" + -ulus, a diminitive suffix + -atus, implying "to do."
1. "Absquatulate, or I'll fry your be-hind."

2. "Go off and absquatulate, you miserable little creep."
by knightshade May 07, 2006
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pretentious abscond

A large, stupid word used primarily by liberal arts majors looking to flaunt the size of their dictionary. In the evolutionary tree that is the English language, absquatulates is at the dead-end of a parasite infested branch alongside grandeloquent, inveigle. and socialism.
The liberal arts major chose absquatulates as her email address because it was hard to type and vaguely reminiscent of the sound a duck makes as it's being beaten to death by a rubber chicken.
by george February 26, 2003
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To get off my property, fool.
Il faut que tu pars maintenant.
"I have a shotgun. Absquatulate my premises immediately, for I am your Belladonna."
by [Dunbar]** November 21, 2003
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