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A PERSON or People who discriminate or social prejudice against people with disabilities. It can also be someone who judges or makes fun of someone with a disability or handicap.

Example: Someone who makes fun/discriminates someone in a wheelchair or someone with down syndrome.
Abby - "People in wheelchairs are retarded."
Sandy - "Wow you are such an ableist."

Abby is an ableist because she said people in wheelchairs are retarded. Not true.
by Dazyfirre39 May 07, 2015
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A term used by people who are bitterly angry that other people are able to do shit.
"Look at him scoring those 3- pointers that ABLEIST motherfucker!!"
by wcsdncr April 10, 2017
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Someone, who like the Misogynist, hates people with physical appearances but yet denies it. A misogynist is against both the feminists and the feminazis. However, the ableist has the illogical mindset that involves all people with disabilities as mental retards, contends that they be fixed, and believes they get infected with being a retard if they come in contact with them. They insult them in front of public places and think that they were funny until if luck would have it, they get disabled in the carwreak or less likely, if they have a child inside of them with the disability as they tend to abort them. More likely they're going to learn from experience when they found out that they were wrong about those with disabilities.
Adolf Hitler <---That's person's a retarded ableist.
by Sasquatch_Rebel April 30, 2008
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