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A PERSON or People who discriminate or social prejudice against people with disabilities. It can also be someone who judges or makes fun of someone with a disability or handicap.

Example: Someone who makes fun/discriminates someone in a wheelchair or someone with down syndrome.
Abby - "People in wheelchairs are retarded."
Sandy - "Wow you are such an ableist."

Abby is an ableist because she said people in wheelchairs are retarded. Not true.
by Dazyfirre39 May 06, 2015
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Oh hello! Didn't see you there, I understand that you got called by some 14 y/o girl on Twitter "ableist". Don't know what that means? I got ya fam, "ableism" is a discrimination against people with disabilities. You didn't do any of that? Too bad, we know but they don't understand. Don't worry about it.
"John: Today, disabilities are used as excuses..."
"✨Emily✨: OMG you're such an ableist!!! Hope you get bullied!"
by ?????WHY??? November 20, 2020
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A term used by people who are bitterly angry that other people are able to do shit.
"Look at him scoring those 3- pointers that ABLEIST motherfucker!!"
by wcsdncr April 10, 2017
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