A principle of unimpeachable moral integrity uttered by an imbecile who is fundamentally incapable of adhering to it.
"It is an absolute principle of democracy that governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards" -- Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia 2013-

is an example of an Abbottism.
by CalmerDiscourse May 19, 2014
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Abbott is usually a very beautiful girl and is popular. all guys and girls want to be friends with her and everyone talks great about her. her laugh is super cute and she lights up every room. she laughs at most things and is always happy. she has good grades and has many friends
by mellissa1987 April 07, 2019
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A person who always leaves first, usually by aid of his father who miraculously appears out of no where.

Said person is then called the Abbott of the group, in honour of Jack Abbott. Probably the most boring person on the planet.
The Abbott: *wispers* "I'm off lads"
Everyone Else: "What the... Did someone say something?"

2 Hours later - "Dude, where did he go? Fucking Abbott"
by Cruciatum April 01, 2007
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(as in Phoney-tony)

1. To be an extreme liar or to take people as fools.

2. The desire to seize power even if it means grubbiness.

3. That sense of entitlement that comes with advantage.

4. The desire to make stuff up despite being thinly vielled and obvious.
5. To flip-flop on ideas or concepts and claim you thought that way all along simply for popularity.
we don't care what you think you stupid Abbott , just make your mind up so we know where you stand
by everyone-else July 11, 2011
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Australian slang largely considered offensive. refers to a person devoid of any moral compassion, and in extreme interpretations can be taken to refer to a fascist.
That criminal is worse than Abbott (referring to barbaric crime)
by munch6 September 04, 2014
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when someone intentionally does everything they can to stop the prevention of something happening, and then having it happen to them.
"The hurricane is coming, you better board up your windows."
"No way! I'm going to nail all my windows open, take all the doors off their hinges, and tie myself to the dead tree in my front yard!"
"Will you stop trying to Abbott this and take it seriously??"
by SlayerOfGoats August 17, 2021
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A person who spends alot of thier time in caves looking at big waterfalls.
Also a right proper sicko when it comes to pumping almost worryingly young ladies.
From BBC's Planet Earth, Episode 4 "Caves":-
"At a depth of 400 metres, Mexico's Cave of Swallows is Earth's deepest pit cave freefall drop, allowing entry by skydivers and Pervy Abbotts. Its volume could contain New York City's Empire State Building and 3,000 over enthusiastic Abbottiers."

"Your are here by sentenced to 6 years in Prison for the possesion of indecent metarial concerning really awful things under the legislation of 'Abbotts Law, 1999'"
by Steveyploppypypypy May 30, 2008
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