Aayla is the fittest girl you will ever know and if u give her your heart she will keep it safe and if u get it back it will be better than brand new

She is most loyal person you will meet and she will never do anything that would hurt you

She is super generous and she had a good taste in basically everything so

She’s really clever so make sure you take her advice and ask her for homework help

All Aayla care about is love when a Aayla has a boyfriend he will be the luckiest guy in the world and she will make sure she does anything for that special one

An Aayla cares about her appearance and will cover her face if she thinks he looks bad but we know she doesn't

She had the most amazing personality so cherish her for as long as you can
I love Aayla”
by Loooooooool1234 April 30, 2018
The most amazing person you will ever meet. They are mysterious and can hide their emotions. They are comfortable around their friends and have the best personality. Their taste in music is fascinating and can vary. They tend to be extremely intelligent and tend to have a secret or two. You can rely on them and trust them with your deepest secrets. They make the best friends. Sometimes they can be annoying. Other times, they are funny, cute and stand out. Aayla is a name that means family.
OMG. Aayla is soo cute!
Woah. Is that Aayla!
Aayla is the best!
by Loooooooool1234 June 3, 2017
She can be rude and loud and she doesn't like coffee

She is sometimes nice but can have an evil side

Dont get on her bad side!
Aayla the girl is weird.
by Wjahzbbdwhaiqqiqiwk November 21, 2019
Aayla is usually strawberry blond. She is sort of a country girl and loves summer nights on a farm. She loves her family and she can’t stand to see someone sad. She loves dogs and playing outside. She is very fit and tall. Some of her favorite pastimes are four wheeling, fishing, hunting, hiking, and spending time with her friends.
Aayla is so cool
by Lovely135 January 4, 2021
Aayla is a very ambitious creature. She is often a loud mouth and can be rude. However, she is very kind and funny around her friends, which are often very weird and random. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hair has natural highlights. She is a very rare and interesting creature. She is extremely good at art and has many talents. She has many guy-friends but also has many girl-friends. Her girl-friends are more like tomboys but Aayla herself is a girly-girl. Aayla is loved by some and hated by others, but is overall creative girl.
by TriniAlex April 18, 2015
When the female is laying on the mans face and shits into the males mouth, then proceeding to spit it out into her mouth.
Hey dude, I just did the Dirty Aayla last night
by Sex jokes April 21, 2020
Cutest girl you'll ever meet. If she likes you, then you are the best person there is.
What's that cute girl's name again?

Aayla Watz

Bruh she's the cutest girl literally ever

by forkme November 19, 2021