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Similar to an oyster it refers to someone or something very ugly on the outside but beautiful and fruitful on the inside.
A- Thanks for setting me up with that shucker we really had a good time.
B- I told you she was awesome. Is she a keeper or what?
A- To be honest I would say that is exactly what she is because I will do anything I can to keeper from from being seen with me in public
B- Asshole
by MBMDEUCE March 23, 2015
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The feeling that one gets when they have mistakenly dropped their cell phone into something like a pool, beaches, toilets, or just something filled with water, and they quickly take it out of the water to dry it but don’t know if it’ll work well. They hope that it will work fine with no damages.
Woman: Honey, how do you think your meeting with your lawyer will go today?
Man: Darling, I really don't know. Shuckers is what I'm feeling because this can turn out pretty bad for us.
by engl_uh January 24, 2018
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