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A girl that likes to laugh and good at making jokes. She’s an artistic. Her mind is full of ideas but she is very shy to share it in a discussion. She likes extreme sports especially soccer. She is a very curious girl that never stop asking until she found the answer to her questions. She’s loyal in the relationship and a very jealous type.
Boy: i saw aan today, she was very adorable. She laugh almost at all of my jokes.
Boy 2: i know right! Her laugh is so loud but it makes her more cute!
Boy: i like the way she laugh. even though it’s loud, at least she ain’t being fake and didn’t control it.
by Derrel Scott April 22, 2018
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Anti-Anorexic Nation, a state of mind adopted by inner-city females who fervently practice eating a lot and getting fat. Originating in New York, youths who identify themselves as an "Aan" are typically overweight and lazy.
Whenever Aan gets on a digital scale, it displays "one person at a time please".
by Randolf Cunningham March 16, 2007
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