A girl that likes to laugh and good at making jokes. She’s an artistic. Her mind is full of ideas but she is very shy to share it in a discussion. She likes extreme sports especially soccer. She is a very curious girl that never stop asking until she found the answer to her questions. She’s loyal in the relationship and a very jealous type.
Boy: i saw aan today, she was very adorable. She laugh almost at all of my jokes.
Boy 2: i know right! Her laugh is so loud but it makes her more cute!
Boy: i like the way she laugh. even though it’s loud, at least she ain’t being fake and didn’t control it.
by Derrel Scott December 28, 2017
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The best group ever they are so fantastic. They are nice, friendly and energetic!! When you see AAN walking across the streets, ask them for an autograph cause they are AMAZING STAN AAN
Wow AAN is in my favourite shop
by angieneedsicecream December 23, 2020
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Gary: Ok Peet imma go watch AAN naw, Bai

Peet: Ok Gary Baai
by ilikepie12322 May 1, 2011
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Is good
The word is a boys name.

Ohhh, Aane you have such a big dick!
by AfroLars October 18, 2019
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Anti-Anorexic Nation, a state of mind adopted by inner-city females who fervently practice eating a lot and getting fat. Originating in New York, youths who identify themselves as an "Aan" are typically overweight and lazy.
Whenever Aan gets on a digital scale, it displays "one person at a time please".
by Randolf Cunningham March 16, 2007
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To flirt with or seek attention from someone .
J klop aan by me. ( you are again flirting with me)
by Mighty Myth November 12, 2018
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Shi-aan is the litterall meaning of a baas(boss), Shi-aan is someone everyone should bow down to.
We as mere peasants should bow down to Shi-aan.
by Gomer November 22, 2021
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